Man behind Suarez Success for Sending England Home

indiancongress   June 19, 2014   Comments Off on Man behind Suarez Success for Sending England Home

Suarez made as great success bringing Liverpool to higher level in Premier League but he could not join his national team at the first match of Uruguay versus Costa Rica in World Cup 2014 because he is still struggling with medication process for curing his knee injury. The knee problem appeared when he played with Liverpool at Premier League facing Newcastle United. A day after the match, he had to take the surgery procedure to overcome the problem with a doubt that he cannot be ready for World Cup 2014.
However, in this condition, Suarez was used by Coach Oscar Tabarez as final squad for final World Cup 2014. There was great worry about his injury since he could not play at the match between Uruguay versus Costa Rica. Nevertheless, Suarez could show his great performance at the match between Uruguay versus England and he could create the goal which brought victory to Uruguay with 2-1 winning. He created the goal at 39th and 85th minute. This achievement could not be separated from the role of physiotherapist Walter Ferreira who could make him play at this crucial match.
Ferreira worked hard to make him ready for this match but after Suarez could create winning goal, it seems like he has to work hard to keep his knee ready for next match.